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  • What are your soaps made of?
    I use food grade coconut oil, olive oil and tallow in my soaps. Fragrance oils formulated for the skin are added for variation. We also have unscented soaps.
  • Do you use lye in your soap?
    Interestingly enough the very definition of "soap" is the combination of lye and oils/fats. When those two ingredients are combined they go through a chemical process called "saponification". It is thought the word "soap" comes from "saponification". Cleansing items not made with the combination of lye and oil/fats must be named differently, which is why there are items called washes, gels, and cleansers.
  • How can I smell your different varieties if I do not live near a store?
    New this year we are offering flights of soap for each of our collections. Each flight has 8-12 different scents. The bars are each 1 oz which is comparable to a hotel or travel size bar. Collections include: Floral, Fruit, Herbal, Woods, Cafe, and Our Version (popular perfumes). September - December we will also feature a Holiday Collection.
  • Do you use Essential Oils in your products? What brand?
    I use Essential Oils in some varieties of the Shampoo Bars, Lip Balms, Room Sprays and Shaving Bar. All deodorants and ShamPooch use Essential Oils. I purchase my Essential Oils in bulk from my soapmaking supplier. They are 100% natural, steam distilled or cold pressed, depending on the oil.
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