Frequently asked questions

What are your soaps made of?

I use food grade coconut oil, olive oil and tallow in my soaps. Fragrance oils formulated for the skin are added for variation. We also have unscented soaps.

Do you use lye in your soap?

Interestingly enough the very definition of "soap" is the combination of lye and oils/fats. When those two ingredients are combined they go through a chemical process called "saponification". It is thought the word "soap" comes from "saponification". Cleansing items not made with the combination of lye and oil/fats must be named differently, which is why there are items called washes, gels, and cleansers.

How can I smell your different varieties if I do not live near a store?

New this year we are offering flights of soap for each of our collections. Each flight has 8-12 different scents. The bars are each 1 oz which is comparable to a hotel or travel size bar. Collections include: Floral, Fruit, Herbal, Woods, Cafe, and Our Version (popular perfumes). September - December we will also feature a Holiday Collection.

Do you use Essential Oils in your products? What brand?

I use Essential Oils in some varieties of the Shampoo Bars, Lip Balms, Room Sprays and Shaving Bar. All deodorants and ShamPooch use Essential Oils. I purchase my Essential Oils in bulk from my soapmaking supplier. They are 100% natural, steam distilled or cold pressed, depending on the oil.